Faye Kotsis Guest Speaker at my First Ladies’ Luncheon

So you all know I was nervous about my first ladies’ luncheon. I was pretty much up all night stressing (sorry Tom! I know you like to get your 8 hours sleep!) about how many powerful women would be there and how they are all so successful and of course decked out in beautiful fashion. This is Sydney after all! Not to mention someone like Faye Kotsis being there.


Well let me give some back story: I’ve been trying to get work editing, and it’s nearly impossible to find out who to speak to, what companies to contact for work, and of course they all want specific qualifications. Something your uni tutors don’t tell you! Anyway a friend of mine suggested I start going to these ladies’ luncheons and ladies’ breakfasts, which are all about networking in the business community. I was like, what do I know about the business community?? Anyway, there was one coming up that my friend told me about, featuring a few local business owners and operators, all successful women, with the main guest speaker being Faye Kotsis, who has made her mark in real estate development and supports lots of charities.


Well most of the luncheon was a blur because I was so nervous about having to introduce myself, but I remember getting some great motivation and advice from some of the speakers. And when Faye got up on the little stage to speak, she gave us great tips which may seem simple, but are so important to entrepreneurs and people starting out in small business.


The ladies’ luncheon was well worth the cost of admission when I got advice from Faye Kotsis on how to start up my editing career. Here are some things I managed to scribble down. There was so much good advice I couldn’t get it all but I got more than enough to get really excited about my career!

  1. Invest in good quality business cards. Cheap business cards can be seen a mile away, and they make people think you’re not serious. Spending the money to get good quality, professional looking business cards can convince potential clients AND employers that you’re here to stay!
  2. Buy a magazine ad in a relevant industry. I was so surprised to hear this one, and I wondered how come I never thought of that?! Maybe because I didn’t think people actually read magazines that much anymore, but Faye Kotsis said it’s a must if you want to get attention from people in the industry. So the good thing is, there are lots of companies who make business cards and also design advertisements, so I’ll hopefully get a good deal if I get them to do both.







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